Day 0

So, we finally made it to the start. Here we are sat watching the Edinburgh Fringe from the luxury of our B&B. Tomorrow we walk out into the hills.

The journey up here was uneventful. We didn’t have to suffer any screaming children or people listening to music by playing it through the speaker on their mobile phones. In short, we have nothing to write home about.

It rained on us in Edinburgh, but is warm and dry here in Milngavie. We’re all stocked up, we know where tomorrow’s starting point is, all we have left to do is to start. We are fully prepared and we even know where our towels are.

Hopefully the weather will be kind and we’ll be able to report back on a regular basis.

Over and out,

Phill & Heley


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  1. Alexander Kaus says:

    All the best to you two! Wish I could be there. Am sure you will have a great time!

    • Phill says:

      Cheers. We’re nicely tucked up in the tent on day 3 at the moment. Hope the thesis write up is going well :)