Day 1: Ahead of schedule

We woke up early and Heley went for a run. Final confirmation, if any were needed, that she is completely mental.

We had breakfast – a full Scottish breakfast for me, muesli and porridge for Heley – in what she described as the nices B&B she’s ever been in. I was happy with tea and bacon, so top marks for Allander B&B.

It had crept up to 9.30 by the time we departed, and off we wandered to the start of the West Highland Way.

We made good time in beautiful weather, passing a total 28 other walkers along the way. The only person who overtook us was a cyclist. Damn cyclists.

By 3.30 we had reached the end of day one. So onwards we soldiered on to day two of the walk.

The sun would have shined down on the bonnie bonnie banks o’ Loch Lomond if not for the weather ahead threatening to unleash itself upon us. Thunder and lightning surround us, but the weather was kind and we snuck dryly through a gap and into luxury in the form of a real campsite – they even have sinks and drinking water.

An old man of the sea welcomed us into a pub, noting he’d never known a storm in August like the one we missed. We’d like to think we could trust him as he looked a little like the old Captain Birdseye, but alas, he was nearing the end of his pint and possibly in search of tourists to tell tales to in turn for a top up. Off we wandered after a quick drink and up went the tent.

So, the tent is up and tea is brewing. Sorry Boris; we evaded the rain. We are rapidly approaching it though, and, unless the weather clears overnight, I’m not convinced our luck will hold.

Still, it’s warm and I’m about to finish my tea. Let’s hope the weather continues to hold out.