Day 11: Battlefields and battle wounds

We spent the morning walking around Inverness in search of yet another new pair of footwear for Heley. This time we’ve gone for the shoe meets Stanley knife meets duct tape approach. It shall be called the space shoe. Hopefully, when we try it out tomorrow, the tape will keep it firmly attached to her mutilated foot to prevent any further destruction.

Being ahead of schedule meant a short day for us today. We walked out onto Culloden Moor and wandered around the battlefield. Wounded we walked through the paths of an epic battle, and gladly into the visitor centre for tea and tiffin.

Even ten miles along the road has been hard for Heley. I’ve found it tricky at times too. Regardless of any decision to stop or continue we are going to have to alter the route to Aberdeen.

Heley refuses to give up unless I do, and I’m unlikely to give up unless I break, so something else had to give.

The weather forecast indicates treacherous conditions are a possibility up in the Cairngorms, and with our growing list of problems the risks outweigh the benefits.

Even without those risks, after days of dealing with pain it’d be cruel to ask Heley to walk any further than absolutely necessary. We’ll not take the shortest route to Aberdeen, 110 miles along A-road, but we’ll certainly take easier paths than planned.

In some ways the diversions feel like a failure. In reality we’re making sensible and necessary decisions. We’re cutting out some remote scenery and fantastic views for miles of trekking along the roadside.

We’ve made it from Milngavie to Fort William, and from there to Inverness. Now all we have to do is make it to Aberdeen.

From what seemed like such a simple plan and attainable goal we have entered our own little battle. Still, no one can tell us it’s not been an adventure.

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  1. Boris says:

    Phill, I just posted something on your facebook wall. In short, that’s great stuff you’re doing there. I wouldn’t call it ‘giving up’, but being sensible. I’m proud I can tell your story and say I know these guys.