Day 2: Not so easy

Don’t let anyone tell you walking twenty miles per day, carrying over twenty percent of your own bodyweight is easy.

It’s the little niggles that started appearing through the day which slowed us down. It had rained overnight, but the weather held throughout the day, to the extent that I needed to reach for the suntan lotion.

Loch Lomond was beautiful, we saw Rob Roy’s Cave, Rob Roy’s Tree and Rob Roy’s Car Park. They like Rob Roy here. We also saw mountain goats.

We passed twelve people over the course of the day. Two of those people were what have sort of affectionately become known as ‘the two old men’. They were among the people we passed on day one, but had started out from the same campsite as us an hour or two earlier in the morning.

The two old guys told us that the next camp site was 10 km further down the West Highland Way. That was the longest 10 km I’ve ever walked. We eventually passed that campsite 10 miles later. We found a small but sheltered spot for wild camping, only to find a long and sleepless night awaited us.