Day 3

A text update from the touring twosome:

“We’re over 42 miles in. Pushed a little harder than we should have and can feel it a bit… Still, over 10% of the way there.”

42 miles became 50 miles, and they should be at 60 by tonight.

The feared knee is holding up just fine, but the shoulders appear to be feeling the weight of the 14-17kg each of them is lugging around. Spirits remain high :)

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  1. Boris says:

    Louise, as their guardian angel, I’m sure they’re sending you GPS coordinates occasionally. Can you post them? It would be nice to follow their trajectory on Google Maps…

    • Louise says:

      Hi Boris,
      I have maps and routes (not so much an ability to know how to read them :s), but I can ask them for coordinates for the avid followers among you :)