Day 4: Glencoe

It was a cold night. The first night I’ve felt the cold… only to find Heley had already stolen my fleece.

We awoke to the sound of other walkers admiring our chosen camp site. A sore, tired start soon picked up. The landscape was barren, a wee desert, but beautiful nonetheless.

Four days into the wilderness and Heley tells me I am going for the sexy caveman look.Well, OK, maybe she just said that I look like a caveman. I need a shower. I’m not the only one though, but I’m far too polite to comment on that.

The muscle pains that were plaguing the previous day seemed to have lightened. Particularly Heley’s calf which, at times, had looked to threaten our ability to complete the trip. Bouncing along we even ran a couple of hundred meters, rucksacks and all. We only really ran to overtake another walker (taking the day’s count up to 11), before dashing into the Kingshouse pub for lunch.

We shared a chips and watched our overtaken walkers begin to accumulate in the pub after us. As we were leaving our two old men entered the pub, and we bid them farewell as we diverted off the West Highland Way and down into Glencoe.

We wandered down the Glen and made our way partly up Buachaille Etive Mor. Time was short so we never made it to the top, yet with the promise of more spectacular views around Glencoe tomorrow we quite happily took in the scenery from three-quarters of the way up.

We mostly followed the road down to the Red Squirrel Campsite, and arrived by 7.10. It was earlier than expected, but probably for the best. It had been a beautiful day, cold and windy at times, but definitely a high point of the trip so far. The previous day’s aches and pains seem all but gone, or perhaps we were just noticing them less.

Tent’s up and we relax only to discover yet another problem. We’ve got another possible journey threatening injury.

Will we cope? Will we need to postpone the trip? Heley is determined to at least finish the West Highland Way, but how much further can we make it?

Stay tuned for another exciting episode of Hitting The Hills.

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  1. Justin says:

    You can do it guys. Don’t know what your feeling but I know you are strong characters as you are in the Gym. Everyone back home is with you and if there are any words that can give you any motivational need I will get the guys from the gym to start a motivation feed so you can sit and read at your worst times. I will start a motivation word first. Talk the talk is easy walking the walk becomes more difficult, dig in and stay positive. X

  2. Boris says:

    As soon as there is the opportunity, let a medical professional check out those injuries. Probably it’s not so bad, but you can’t make any big decisions based on assumptions. You guys need reassurance.

    For the rest, I’m with Justin. We know you as strong characters and fighters. Maybe the thought of Chris’ verbal abuse cheers you up when you’re next struggling along. A good part of DC checks this page every day, we can’t do the walk with you, but many people feel they’re with you guys, also thanks to the updates. Hang in!