Day 6: Caveman and Limpy go to Fort William

We awoke early to a tent full of midges. This was not ideal. Needless to say we were packed and off quickly. We expected the day to be slow going, given the state of Heley’s foot, but we still managed to pass four people.

Heley’s magic watch can tell us our speed, so out of curiosity we checked it towards the end of the day. After a short day of only 16 miles we appear to be averaging around 3 mph hobbling.

We took the walk fairly easy. It certainly never looked like being the hardest day, but it was the wettest. Not from rain as such, but I can say that it is strange to be walking through a cloud.

Heley has been banned from running, but even so, 16 miles seemed short. We arrived in Fort William not knowing if we would be able to continue, but at least knowing we would safely be in the luxury of Gowan Brae B&B.

We had aimed to get to the B&B for 6pm. We arrived in Fort William at 2pm, so we hung around for a while and watched the world, and the walkers, go by.

Our B&B was wonderful. A bed had been sorely missed. Due to our need for a laundrette our hosts offered to wash some of our clothes for us. I cannot describe how happy we were to have some clean clothes and to no longer be able to smell ourselves. We probably still stink, just not badly enough to bother ourselves. You really know you smell when you are wandering along wondering “what’s that godawful stench?” then you realise it’s you.

A quick trip from the B&B to the local A&E to get Heley’s foot checked again left us a little less confident about getting to Aberdeen. Inverness is the next target though. It should take us four and a half days along the Great Glen Way.

Heley’s foot isn’t infected, but it is going to require careful management to allow her to continue the walk.

Tomorrow it’ll be a case of resting up and buying sandals. We’ll then make a decision what to do next, but it looks like we may have some hard choices to make.

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  1. Boris says:

    Your walk is for a great cause but you shouldn’t endanger your health for it. Good luck you two!