‘Emergency support co-ordinator’ cum internet dogsbody

Phill has kindly (!) asked me to be his and Heley’s ’emergency support co-ordinator’ and internet dogsbody – roughly translated, to be on standby if anything goes wrong in them hills, and to keep everyone updated on how they’re getting along when they’re unable to update the site themselves. Sounds simple enough, yet my panic-stricken face betrays the knowledge that he has picked entirely the wrong person for the job. Anyhow, the votes have been cast – one, Phill’s. And I’m it. So this is a brief introduction; mainly my first experiences of the club they’re trekking 380 miles for, and are leaving me in the proverbial shit for.

I went to DC Boxing for the first time last week. Followed by a second time. If first impressions are anything to go by, I was and am impressed. I attended as a complete beginner, and as one of only three females that night (one being the other girl I’d dragged along). I was understandably intimidated. Surprisingly however, and much to DC’s credit, somehow the club manages to absorb you. The atmosphere, due primarily to the coaches, and as a result the people, is strangely friendly, despite a lack of much chat. The two giddy beginners were taken aside after the warm up to be taught the basics by a smiling and reassuring David, and instructions not to call him Dave (although it seems that everyone does..?) We rejoined the group later, a little better informed of how to punch properly, even if we were a long way off delivering anything resembling a jab. Not to mention my stubbornly static feet. Sweated out the end on ropes and bags, and attempts to develop guts of steel. Left that night feeling excited about returning.

The second session arrives, but I left my balls at home, fearing all the same things as before, despite my good impressions. Turn up at Phill’s in the rain, thinking that the weather will mean people don’t turn up, and I’ll have less to fear. Wrong. I think the numbers may have been double! Maybe that’s more telling than anything else I’ve said. People love the club, and I can see why. I fell out of a tree last night, twisted my ankle running through bushes in a failed attempt to miss the sprinkler, but it’s kind of like the rain.. not enough to keep me away.. :)

So this is who Phill has left everything to in his absence. I wish him and Heley a safe and successful trip, and may my services need not be required! I wish them even more luck if they are. Trying to locate somewhere suitable for them to spend the night by way of coordinates and googlemaps as daylight fades and panic sets in, when Phill’s dodgy knee can’t hobble any further and Heley’s all but throttling him anyway, is something of a responsibility. Shame they left it to someone who can’t tell a mountain from a swamp, ‘cos they all look like squiggles on a map to me! :s