Intermission: Half way injury update

Due to the popularity of the photos of Heley’s foot, we thought we’d give you a quick run down of our minor ailments.

– Left shoulder hurts when I carry anything. This is fine, apart from when I’m carrying something.
– Right hip / IT band, at least it makes a satisfying popping noise.
– My knees. I’ve lost both of my knees; I’ll miss them. The left kneecap wasn’t tracking properly to begin with. The specialist at Core Cambridge gave me the all clear to attempt the walk, but warned me that I’d be in pain. He was not wrong.
– All the muscles in my legs now ache. Even ones that I didn’t even know existed.
– Feet… Some minor blisters requiring constant management. They’re too far away for me to feel anymore anyway; my knees are closer.

– Left shin has a big lump growing from it.
– Right knee / hip / IT band went a while ago.
– Left foot blistered and sore.

Heley’s right foot:
– Big blister on heel.
– Toes on rest of foot now mangled by shoes / shandals.
– Swollen ball of foot / top of foot with creaky tendons.

Heley’s foot deserves it’s own part in a horror movie. Sometimes I wonder whether the only reason she’s continuing is out of some morbid curiosity about how it’ll turn out. Well, that and it’d be hard to hop to Aberdeen.

Her foot will dictate how we approach the next leg of the journey. We’ll see how it holds up tomorrow.




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  1. justin says:

    Oh my god. They say no pain no gain but im beginning to think thats a load of b…….. Anyway the hitting the hill site is getting good feed back and your both getting famous on various websites. Keep going guys.

  2. Ivan Cobb says:

    I have a reputation of looking after my boxers, I’m not ” throwing in the towel” but only carry on if you are really up to it. You have done very well – the only trouble is I’m not sure what Justin your new PR SEC will do when you return. Keep safe. Ivan