Interview with a DC Boxer

Justin from DC Boxing has kindly answered a few questions about the club for us. Justin is one of the clubs senior boxers and recently won DC Boxing’s Dedication and Achievement award. He’s always the first person to offer advice and encouragement to other boxers, so we thought we’d ask him to answer a few questions for us.

Justin won DC Boxing's Dedication and Achievement award

Justin won DC Boxing's Dedication and Achievement award

1) What is your role at DC boxing club?

Boxer/Coach. I like to help others as my boxing career is nearing its end at 35.

2) How did you get involved/interested in boxing?

I got involved in boxing watching mike Tyson with my brother in those days it was on terrestrial TV. And of course, there were the Rocky movies.

I’m interested in boxing because it’s a great way to keep fit and it brings all sorts of different people together.

3) Describe a typical training session…

A typical session is cardio, coupled with technique; we go over certain things we need to improve on. Sometimes sparring is involved and hopefully what we learn outside the ropes helps us when in them.

4) Why should people raise money for DC Boxing?

Raising money for the club will benefit everyone associated with the club.

The club needs more equipment as it is growing each week. The club is expanding into the adjacent building and renovation work needs to be done for it to be a fit for people to train in. Once repairs and renovations have been completed the club could do with another boxing ring, but the priority is completing the extension in order to provide enough space for new members to train.

5) Boxing has been getting a lot of media attention in the UK recently, for example Amir Khan, David Haye, do you think that British Boxing is on the up?

British boxing is very much on the up, Amir Khan recently winning another world title and Carl Froch to come. Very exciting times and I think this encourages the youngsters to the gym.

6) What sort of people train at DC Boxing?

We have a wide variety of  people who train in our gym, ranging from the young to the old, from men to women. All circles of life where each individual has a story to tell.

7) What sort of person would you recommend boxing to?

I would recommend boxing to absolutely anyone. Give it a go and see where it can take you. It’s certainly changed my life.

8) What do you think about the sponsored trek to raise money for DC Boxing Club?

The sponsored trek for the club just shows how much our club means to the boxers, they care about the club and don’t think they should just turn up for a session and forget it until the next one. Everyone wants to get involved personally. And physically. A great club that means so much to them. The donated trek just goes to show the boxers what it means to the others.

On a personal note well done to both the walkers from DC and we appreciate your efforts.