Interview with a DC Boxing Coach

Ivan from DC Boxing has kindly answered a few questions about the club for us. Ivan is the head coach at DC Boxing, and has a wealth of experience as both a former boxer and a coach.

DC Boxing Club Logo1) What is your role at DC Boxing Club?

My role is as a coach, along with being the clubs competition secretary. As well as whatever needs to be done.

2) How did you get involved in boxing?

I remember watching Joe Bugner box Henry Cooper back in about 1970 – at the same time my brother had just started training at the Howard Mallett – so it was not long before I started as well.

3) Why train at DC boxing?

I think the club is a good club – over the past year we have had over 26 lads box for the club as well as nearly every session is all but full. I think you are best to ask that question to all the members, we must be doing something right and I do think the club is on the up.

4) Describe a typical training session

As you know, a lot of the session is based around skill, developing technique and tatical awareness. Cardio work is always a part of the sessions.

5) What makes DC Boxing a special club?

The boxers – every single one makes this club special

6) How could donations be used to benefit the club?

Every club relies on donations and DC is no different. At this moment we are looking to expand the training area so we can have a second sparring ring and another training area.

7) Is it safe? The club trains a lot of youngsters, aren’t parents worried about their children being hit in the head?

Amateur Boxing has a good saftey record, along with a very good medical system. Yes boxers do get hit in the face , but they are trained to defend the punches and headguards are worn in sparring and competitions.

8) Do you have to be a fighter to train at a boxing gym?

No, anyone from 7 to 100 can train at DC

9) What do you think about the sponsored trek to raise money for DC Boxing Club?

I think the trek is a good idea, it will be a hard effort needed to complete and it will test your personal character, I wish you both a good and safe trip and I hope the Scottish weather is kind to you. It would be nice if you are able to raise enough money to purchase our second sparring ring – instead of a red and blue corner we will have the corner pads labelled with PHILL & HELEY.
Good Luck to you both