Day 17 – Glendhu (too tired to think of a title)

Not the most restful night I’ve ever had, I’ll admit that. Having once again fallen asleep to the sound of midge rain, I had been stuck with condensation building up inside my bivvy, leaving me cold and damp. At least I didn’t have any crazy midge dreams this time. I only decided to rise once someone from the lodge ran past.

I was better prepared this time and was able to escape he worst of the midges. They hadn’t been quite as bad as the other day either, which helped. I set off through what was listed on my map as Benmore Forest. There were no trees here, I guess there must have been once.

I was once again back in my trusty old trail runners. It dawned on me that one of the reasons that they had been rubbing my ankles was that I often tend to walk with my feet at very odd angles when walking along, rather than up or down, the side of a hill. It was just as well I was wearing them because I soon had wet feet. I stopped concentrating while walking over some stepping stones, admiring the view, and I let my right foot fall straight into the stream. You’d have thought I’d have learnt by now.

I continued on towards Inchnadamph, another village that looked like it had four houses, a hotel and a red telephone box.

I felt a little sad as I walked wistfully past Conival, my journey was coming to an end. I didn’t really feel ready for it to end just yet. I’d miss the hills and the glens, the clear lochs and washing my face in mountain streams. I’d miss walking along as the sun set with everything I needed on my back. I’d miss the little frogs that jump out of my way as I walk down the trail and the flies of the butter and dragon variety. I probably won’t miss the midges or the clegs.

For lunch I had a tortilla wrap containing “grated Italian-style cheese” and salt and vinegar crisps. Then my adventure towards Glendhu finally started. The rocky path was good enough but slow going and I could see how it could take a long time in bad weather. It took a long time in bright and breezy weather.

The view that awaited me when I rounded Beinn Uidhe caught me by surprise. I had been expecting more rolling hills, perhaps with some bog and heather to make things difficult. Instead I was greeted with rocky, lumpy hills; it was a fantastic sight. Then the path stopped and I had to make my way through heather and bog. I then stopped at Loch Beag for another crisps and dried cheese wrap.

A few uneventful hours later and I was in Glendhu. It had been a long and tiring stretch, even if the distance wasn’t far. It wasn’t as hard as some of the stretches between Sourlies and Strathcarron, but it had been hard enough for these tired legs.

My night would be spent in Glendhu Bothy. It was very eerie with the wind blowing across the loch and I tried not to think of any horror stories.

My left IT band has now gone and my right knee hyperextends as I walk. Hopefully both will feel a bit better by morning. I’ve now just got to hold everything together for that last 50 miles