Hitting The Hills: provisional date and pre-trips

We’ve finally pencilled in a few dates for when we want to go walking:

  • 16th – 17th July: Go for a walk through Cambridgeshire. This is our first overnight trip, and the first night Heley and I will have shared a tent, so we’ll be finding out what we’re letting ourselves in for.
  • 3rd – 7th August: We’re off to North Wales for a few nights. This will be our main gear test, and where we find out if we can actually walk the sort of distances we’re promising to walk.
  • 25th August: The start of our trek around Scotland. It’s a date that seems to be rapidly approaching.

We’ve got a couple of other important dates noted down. There’s a DC Boxing presentation evening on the 22nd July, Heley will be off on the kickboxing summer camp from 14th-21st August, and around the same time I hope to be in Greece visiting my girlfriend.

Cambridgeshire is one of the flattest counties in England, so it’s going to be difficult to organise many comparable walks to those we are going to experience on the journey. We should be putting a fair few miles under our belts before the 25th August, so if you see two crazy people walking around Cambridgeshire with rucksacks on, it might be us.